Forest drive

Forest drive at night

At night the forest becomes a very different place. Creatures that are not noticed during the day become active and the whole place comes alive. It is perhaps one of the many reasons why I like to pay a visit to my favourite forest in the dark, when nobody else is around. It is a tremendous feeling to be the only person in the forest, just you and nature. It also reminds me that mother nature is very much in charge of this crazy work we live in and that at a moment’s notice our lives can change.

This particular night, I was not alone in the forest. A man walking his dogs appeared from out of the tree-line. I got a hell of a fright just seeing this silhouette (over 6 feet tall) appear though when we passed pleasantries I tried my best to hide it. 🙂

On the drive out, I made a recording using my dashcam. It shows the complete lack of light and although there is also an annoying rattle on the video, (which I think is internal to the camera as I couldn’t hear it when the recording was made), it really does give a feel of just how dark it was.

Nearer to the exit, the ground was warm and a mist was hugging the road surface. That really did give it a feel of being straight out of a Hammer Horror film. So with doors firmly locked, I made my way out and headed home.


I don’t think the video captures anything unusual and the date-stamp on the camera is most definitely wrong, but I do think it gives a reasonable picture of what it is like in the darkness.

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