A fawn in a forest

An early morning fawn encounter

was in the forest early this morning. It was quiet. Really quiet. In fact a lot quieter than normal at that time of day. The forest drive had been placed into lockdown with security gates across the road and many of the parking areas I saw closed as well. I did wonder whether there had been problems due to the warm weather and they wanted to keep people out when the rangers were not on duty, but I wasn not prepared for an encounter with a fawn.

So I decided to park the car and have a little wander about. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s dark in there, so I didn’t want to stray too far from my ride home. Whilst wandering about I got a shock when a young fawn jumped from the tree-line and ran right in front of me. I’m not sure who had the bigger surprise, me or him, because once he spotted me he was off like a shot. He was so fast I simply did not have the chance to get a picture of any type.

So I was really pleased that on my way out of the forest, the same thing happened again, but this time I managed to get some dashcam footage. This time the fawn didn’t seem so phased, but I’ll admit it still gave me a bit of a fright as I was concentrating on the road ahead. As he came on to the road, he came right alongside the car and I did think the sound of the car engine would scare him more, particularly as it sounded so much louder in the silence of the forest. He simply trotted alongside and then disappeared behind me, so maybe this little fawn has some road-sense already.

Forest drive

Forest drive at night

At night the forest becomes a very different place. Creatures that are not noticed during the day become active and the whole place comes alive. It is perhaps one of the many reasons why I like to pay a visit to my favourite forest in the dark, when nobody else is around. It is a tremendous feeling to be the only person in the forest, just you and nature. It also reminds me that mother nature is very much in charge of this crazy work we live in and that at a moment’s notice our lives can change.

This particular night, I was not alone in the forest. A man walking his dogs appeared from out of the tree-line. I got a hell of a fright just seeing this silhouette (over 6 feet tall) appear though when we passed pleasantries I tried my best to hide it. 🙂

On the drive out, I made a recording using my dashcam. It shows the complete lack of light and although there is also an annoying rattle on the video, (which I think is internal to the camera as I couldn’t hear it when the recording was made), it really does give a feel of just how dark it was.

Nearer to the exit, the ground was warm and a mist was hugging the road surface. That really did give it a feel of being straight out of a Hammer Horror film. So with doors firmly locked, I made my way out and headed home.


I don’t think the video captures anything unusual and the date-stamp on the camera is most definitely wrong, but I do think it gives a reasonable picture of what it is like in the darkness.

Light and Forest Sky

Weird light in the sky

I was on my way back from the forest last night when a light in the sky caught my eye. I didn’t know what to make of it, other than it looked a little weird to me. As I was driving I had to pull the car over quite briskly, but as I was on a quiet country road I could do this quite safely.

After kicking myself that I had not got a decent camera with me, I grabbed my phone to capture the footage of the light on that. The camera isn’t the best and only has a digital zoom function, so I had to balance zooming in with the zoom degrading the details.

I estimate that the light itself was only visible for less than a minute or so and was very quickly gone from view. Hence I only managed to capture around 13 seconds of footage before it faded away to nothing again.

I have never seen anything like it before and I remain open-minded about what exactly the light I saw is.